This Pico-8 game was made by a collaborative effort by a group of developers using Pico-8's Edu. Edition ( , a free to use web-based educational version of the Fantasy Console.

Each developer had 1 hour of time within their 48 hour window to add to the game before passing it off to the next person. There was no communication between anyone during the process, this is what they created.

A big thanks goes out to the following developers who took part in this beta test for the Pico-8 Community Game 2022:

Ben N.

A link to the final build, which you can edit or remix to your hearts content, can be found here:

A link to the Discord channel to discuss future Pico-8 Community Game Jams can be found here:


pico8_comm_game_2022.p8.png 8 kB
pico8_comm_game_2022.p8 20 kB

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