Pico-8 Community Game 2022 (Beta)

The beta test of the upcoming Pico-8 Community Game 2022 has been completed and the final game released! 12 developers took part, each having 48 hours to complete their 1 hour of development time to contribute to the game without communicating with each other. This is the game we created.


Moving forward the Pico-8 Community Game will be running again in the near future with some modified rules/setup and a game jam to run along side the community game for solo developers or small teams to take part in. This will be run via the https://pico-8-community-games.itch.io/ account, so if you’re interested and want to keep up with the news be sure to follow them!


pico8_comm_game_2022_beta.zip Play in browser
May 29, 2022
pico8_comm_game_2022.p8.png 8 kB
May 29, 2022
pico8_comm_game_2022.p8 20 kB
May 29, 2022

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